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• Project ID EU50275
• Project description
The project focuses on the expansion of Arvato IT Development and Innovation Centre to increase the international competitiveness of arvato. The services rendered by AFS are solely targeted towards export.
• Objective
The aim of the project is to speed up the development of Arvato IT Development and Innovation Centre. As part of the project, 20 new IT specialists, who will develop new programs and administer clients’ support systems in cooperation with other teams from Europe as well as elsewhere, will be hired. IT Development and Innovation Centre will enable the best IT specialists to focus on technologically challenging initiatives. In addition, it will introduce IT solutions – made in Estonia – to the global market.
• Result
At the beginning of the project in April 2016, IT Development and Innovation Centre had 13 employees. After 16 months, the Centre has 48 employees. In conclusion, the recruitment of IT specialists has been successful regardless of the intense competition in the IT sector job market. The numbers of projects aFS is channeling to IT Development and Innovation Centre is constantly increasing and despite the large number of different projects, client feedback has been positive. Due to the project, it has been possible to hire a large number of highly qualified IT specialists generating of added value. In consequence, the competitive strength of AFS has been increased and Estonian IT solutions are being exported all over the world.

• The name of the fund, from what the grant was received
European Regional Development Fund, Investment Aid to Shared Service and Research & Development centres
• Grant amount
199 305,10 EUR